About Us

My Homemade was created through the love of all things Home Made. It is the Home of Homemade and the home of some of the most exciting gifts, clothing, art and home decor you will ever find. 

There is something magical about receiving items and products made by someone with their own hands, in their own homes.
What comes with Home Made is love and a true passion for a craft. It is apparent in everything they do. The designs, the skills, the ideas and the desire to offer the very best... every single time.

Art pieces have long held their value as each artist creates something so unique where each single stroke can determine a new feeling, spur a different emotion and can be percieved in a different way. Home Made items (whilst not all art pieces) carry similar values. Every Home Made item is unique it it's own way. From a different brush stroke to a different colour scheme. Each piece is special, unique and is made with love.

Our mission is to spread that love across the UK. Everyone deserves to feel and experience Home Made. It really is special. Care is taken by the Home Makers from the very beginning and to ensure the delivery envokes a smile. A big smile and even a heart full of love. 

Take a look around. It's a gallery of wonder. Whether you are buying for you or for someone else, Home Made is the only way to buy. If you don't believe us, try. If you don't love everything about your experience we'll eat our Home Made socks...